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  • What is the pet fee?
    $250.00 per pet for move in and $25.00 a month with rent
  • What are your leasing requirements?
    ○ Minimum 600 Credit score. ○ We do not accept any criminal offenses that we feel could endanger the property, our managers, or other tenants. ○ No previous evictions. ○ Monthly income must be 3 times the monthly rental amount.
  • When can I see the property?
    ○ We regularly schedule open houses for all properties regardless of whether you pay to apply or not. ○ All property tours in addition to scheduled open houses require completed and submitted applications which meet the minimum requirements.
  • Is this a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry?
    It is considered a soft pull / soft inquiry
  • Do you have any commission in place for realtors?
    We accept referrals but do not offer any commission.
  • How long is the lease for a single family home / can I do a 1 year lease instead?
    ○ Single Family Lease are 2 years ○ We can do 1 year for $50 extra a month
  • What are the move in expenses?
    ○ One month rent ■ Second month is prorated ○ 1.5 months security deposit ○ $100 administrative move-in fee
  • What is involved in the application process?
    ○ The applicant can apply at and select the property to apply ○ We will run: ■ Credit check ■ Background check ■ Eviction history check
  • What is the fee for paying rent online?
    For online banking transfers there is a $0.50 fee. For credit and debit cards there is a 3% service fee and a $5.00 convenience fee.
  • How much is the application fee?
  • Do you accept Section 8 or housing vouchers?
    No, not at this time.
  • Do the utilities need to be in my name?
    We just need a confirmation numbering showing the utilities have been turned on.
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